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I am so glad that you have found the Forward Ministry web site. Have a look around. Read an article or two. Explore the links. You will learn a lot about Anglican Catholics who are alive with the Good News of Jesus.

Many years ago St Augustine (AD 354-430) said to the Lord: "Our heart is restless untill it comes to rest in thee."

Down through history, millions of people have found that to be true. Whoever you are reading this, I sincerely hope that you will encounter the Lord for yourself - if you haven't already - and then grow in love and understanding as you enter more deeply the life of the Church community.

If you return to this site on a regular basis you will discover an ever-expanding range of resources and teaching materials to help you in your adventure of faith.

There are also many links and articles from across the Christian traditions that will prove useful for those in different forms of lay and ordained ministry.

Thank you for visiting. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

* Stations of the Cross
* Stations of the Cross A4 for printing
* Reconciliation
* How Jesus Comes to Us
* His Grace Still Amazes Me
* The Love we Crave
* A Superstar Hits Rock-bottom (and Comes Up Again)
* God in the depths
* God is Doing a New Thing (An ordination sermon)
* Time for Change
* Your Presuppositions are Showing
* Praying the Rosary
* Bishop John Hazlewood
* New Guinea Martyrs - Canon Maynard's Sermon
* Euthanasia - against everything we stand for
* Spiritual Thirst (Fr Alexander Schmemann)
* Telling the Truth through rational argument (McGrath on C.S. Lewis)
* Judgment Runs out into Mercy (Fr Austin Farrer)
* All about Love (Sayings of St Therese)
* Where Love and Justice Meet (Fr Raniero Cantalamessa)
* Encouraging Words of Faith & Healing (Kathryn Kuhlman)
* Soaring into God (Dr Pusey's beautiful prayer)
* To Get to Jesus (Sermon by Father Arthur Stanton)
* Orthodoxy, a Vicar in Sunderland and the Holy Spirit
* Running Away from History (Michael Green) - A
modern classic
* Godly Common Sense (Evelyn Underhill)
* C.S. Lewis: "MISERABLE OFFENDERS" - an essay on Prayer Book language

* David Mills: Why the Church Bureaucracies Have to Go (A MUST read!)