Lesson 14: "It's a Long Way to . . .;
but my Heart's Right There."

Answer. They did promise and vow three things in my name. . .. Thirdly, that I should keep God's holy will and commandments, walk in the same all the days of my life.

R, B, O. Your third vow is the vow of Obedience, which is the real test of love (St. John 14, 15).

Life in this world is a journey: the only happy end of the journey is God (like the light of the sun shining along the long hard road): your heart and mine are so made that they can only find full joy in God (Psalm 16, 12).

But all along the journey you will find that there are many things, and quite a number of people, which make you want to leave the road that leads to God: your three enemies are always trying to get you off the road, and often they are attractive and nice to look at and think about.

The devil is far too clever to let you see him as he really is, for he knows that then you would have nothing to do with him: he is very good at .dressing up, disguising and camouflaging himself (like a battleship, or Hackney Town Hall).

God knows this, wants to protect you, does all he can to prevent you leaving the road and losing your way. So he gives you his ten commandments, like walls on either side; the Church, to point out the right road; and the voice of God the Holy Ghost inside you, your conscience (like a compass, which never points in the wrong direction).

You won’t find it easy to keep God’s holy will and commandments all the days of your life; and, it seems to me, the older one grows, the harder it becomes. But - because of


- you can never say that you did not know how to make your journey. And always God will help you, if you let him.