Lesson 18: All Things Bright and Beautiful

I believe in God.

We can’t see God yet, because he is Spirit (that is, has no human body like you and me) (St. John 4, 24).

But we can know and believe in him, because he has given to each of us the power to do so. No one, not even the cleverest, can know all about him yet (Job 11, 7). But if you and I begin now, one day in heaven we shall know him perfectly (St. John 17, 3).

One evening, about a hundred and fifty-three years ago (more or less), when I was a small boy, my mother took me into our garden and showed me five stars which look rather I like a W (Cassiopeia). “Whenever you see them,” she said, "let them remind you that God, who made the stars and you and me, sees and watches over us wherever we are.”

I often thought of her words in night air-raids when I was going through the streets to have a look at you in your bunk in Baum’s Shelter or at the Priory, and saw that same W above the searchlights and shell-bursts. Of course God loves and watches over you too, even if your name has no letter in the stars.

Sun: moon: stars: wind. Can any MAN make or control them? And you can believe in the wind, even though you cannot see it. Birds: flowers. Coal in the house to keep you warm (do you like a hot-water-bottle in bed at night? I do). Grain in the field under the straight furrows: snow, rain, wind, sunshine, before it can be reaped, stacked, ground in a windmill, become flour and bread. Fish, caught by men in boats. A steamer, partly over the horizon, taking people to Australia on the other side of the round world (I hope they will go to Adelaide: I know some nice people there). High and low tide. Night and day. These are some reasons why I BELIEVE IN GOD.

Everything in Nature tells you that there must be Someone - a real, live, thinking, working, Person; far wiser and more powerful than any human being - who makes and controls it. That Someone is God. And the word “God” means “The Good One.”

I think King David was right when he wrote the first half ? of the first verse of Psalm 14. Don’t you?