Lesson 25: This Way In

And in Jesus Christ, his only Son our Lord.

So man, made perfect by God, made himself imperfect (like the damaged clock) by sin. He was driven out of happiness by his own fault, and the door was shut against him (Genesis 3, 24). For thousands of years, all through the Old Testament time, no one could go to heaven. [So you will never say that sin does not matter, will you?]

But all the time God, who is Love (1 St. John 4, 8), kept on loving his world, and wanting men, women, boys, girls, to be with him in heaven. So he sent his only Son into it, to redeem it (St. John 3, 16). [“Redeem” means “buy back,” as people do with things they popped and pawned with “Uncle” - who has three brass balls outside his shop and a hooked nose on his face, finds it difficult to pronounce certain letters (“vot you tink?”), and has some fine old English name like Tholomon Ithaacthtein.]

God the Son, by his human life in this world and his human death on the cross, opened again the closed door between Haggerston (and everywhere else) and heaven: he redeemed the world. Never again will that door be shut. One day he said "I am the Door" (St John 10, 9). So to-day’s picture has in it a hinge like a cross, and three capital letters which you often see in church - they are really Greek, though they look like English, and stand for our Lord’s name written in short: a Greek capital J is like our I; and a capital long E like an English H. Underneath you write what you say so often at the end of a prayer: THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD; because of Romans 6, 23.