Lesson 26: Heads

And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord.

Every word in the Creed is important. “And” means that whatever I do towards God the Father (believe in him, worship , and trust him) I also do towards God the Son; because of the Holy Trinity.

Jesus is our Lord’s earthly name. Before he became Man and was born a human baby at Bethlehem, his name was “the Word” (St. John 1, 1). St. Joseph his guardian (not his father, as I will explain next week) was told to give him this name Jesus by the angel Gabriel (St. Matthew 1, 21).

"Jesus" means “Saviour,” as Gabriel explained at the same time. It is the same name as "Joshua", the great Old Testament soldier who led the Jews to the Promised Land; for it is the Lord Jesus who leads us, and all who are willing to follow him, to the Promised Land of Heaven.

It is the holiest name on earth, and is especially honoured on August 7th. Like Selina Shovealfpenny, you always bow your head at the name of jesus, whether you say or hear it, in or out of church. And absolutely never do you use such a swear-word as “Gee,” which means “Jesus.”

Christ is our Lord’s title, the same as Messiah in the Old Testament (St. John 4, 25); like Lady Snooks, His Majesty King George, Doctor Pills, Mother Cicely, Mr. and Mrs. Soandso.

It means “anointed.” A king is anointed with oil at his coronation: our Lord was anointed with the Holy Ghost (Acts 10, 38). It is the holiest title on earth; so you do not use it either as a swear-word, or say “Crikey” which means the same.