Lesson 33: Hub of the Universe

The third day he rose again from the dead.

There was once a Frenchman who invented a new religion. It seemed to him that it was the best religion there ever had been. The only trouble was that nobody but himself would believe in it. He asked a friend why this was. This is the answer he received. "I agree with you, mon cher” (that is how French friends always talk to each other), “that it is a splendid religion. In fact it only has one fault. We cannot tell whether it is true. Now there is quite a simple way by which you can prove its truth for us. If you will say, ‘At a certain fixed time after my death, I will come back to life: you shall all see me, talk to me, eat and drink with me; then, after you have died and we have put you in your grave, you do come back to life at precisely the time when you said you would - well then, mon cher, I promise you that you will find plenty of people to believe in your new religion.”

This is exactly what our Lord did. He made his Resurrection (rising again) from the dead the proof of his new religion, Christianity, the third day - which you write in the hub of the wheel - was to be the proof on which the whole of The Christian Religion depended (take away the hub and any wheel falls to pieces). Many times during the year before his crucifixion he said that he would die, be buried, and return to this life again at a certain fixed moment {St, Luke 18,31 to 34). But not even his disciples could believe it would happen; though he said so clearly that it would that his enemies (St. Matthew 27, 62 to 66).

Then it did happen; exactly when he said it would.

Therefore the Christian Religion is true. Jesus Christ really is The Son of God (for only God could do such a wonderful thing). He really did give his life to redeem us and bring about our atonement.

There are many religions in the world, but only one gives proof that it is true. That is Christianity. The proof is the Resurrection.