Lesson 38: Light in the Black-out

I believe in the Holy Ghost.

This ninth article of the Creed begins a new paragraph. The first paragraph was about the work of God the Father, the second about that of God the Son: the third is about God the Holy Ghost, and what he does.

He is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity; a real person, as truly God as are the First and Second Persons {Acts 5, 3 and 4). He is the Life-Giver (Genesis 1, 2). He lived in Adam until sin drove him out. He returned to the human race in our Lord’s sinless manhood (St, John 1, 32). On the first Feast of Pentecost, or Whit Sunday (ten days after Ascension Day; “pentecost” means fifty, fifty days after Easter Sunday), he came to the young Christian Church to be its life and guiding light (Acts 2,1 to 4: “tongues of fire,” “rushing mighty wind” - light and life). He lives in every Christian soul.

You go out in the black-out. If you have no torch you bump into a lamp-post, knock yourself against a Belisha Beacon, run into other people, trip over the curb-stone, perhaps fall into the horse-trough. Life is rather like walking in the black-out; temptations all around to trip you up, easy to lose your way and take the wrong turning, doubts and questions to worry you, and often God seems very far away.

But, since you are a Christian, you have God the Holy Ghost, light in darkness. He speaks to you through The Church, by The Holy Bible, in your Conscience: leading you through all the difficulties of life on earth to life in heaven where there is no night. It is he who puts good thoughts into your mind, helps you to go to confession, brings our Lord to you in Holy Communion, teaches you how to say your prayers, and is the life of your undying soul.

He comes to you in full at your Confirmation. So I will tell you more about him later.