Lesson 360: Sabbath Day's Journey

The fourth commandment is as long as the second; so I leave you to read it too in full in your Prayer-Book Catechism. Put shortly, it means that we owe God our time. My duty towards God is . . . to serve him truly all the days of my life.

You may find it too difficult to draw the six, or perhaps five and a half, people in this week’s picture. Long ago, in the introduction to part one, I told you that I can’t draw for litde toffee-apples, and that I trace all these picture from other people’s drawings (which anybody can do). These people are really in a queue waiting for a bus; though they might be going to church, and reading the Sunday paper on the way. However, you can leave them out, and only draw the church door. For the first thing this commandment teaches you is that it is your duty to go to Mass on Sundays, unless work or illness make this impossible.

[As well as the 52 Sundays, there are 8 great weekday Holy Days on which you also ought to go, if you can possibly manage it.

The Circumcision of our Lord (January 1 st).

The Epiphany (January 6th). Ascension Day (40 days after Easter Sunday).

Corpus Christi, the Feast of The Blessed Sacrament (Thursday after Trinity Sunday).

The Feast of SS. Peter and Paul (June 29th).

The Assumption of our Lady (August 15th).

All Saints’ Day (November 1st).

Christmas Day (December 25th).

52+8=60. The 60 “Days of Obligation”; because on them we are all obliged to go to Mass, if we can.]

Christians “keep holy” the first day of the week, Sunday; rather than the seventh, (“sabbath”), Saturday: because it was on this day that the Resurrection happened. From the first days of the Church Christians have always given God part of their Sunday-time by going to Mass {Acts 20, 7); for this is the one great act of worship appointed by our Lord {St. Luke 22,19). It always has been, and is still, “The Lord’s Service for the Lord’s Children on the Lord’s Day.” I will tell you much more about it later, when we are learning about the sacraments. What you must learn now is that it is by taking part in this public worship that you “serve God truly all the Sundays of your life.”